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Enfec works across a range of technologies and our team has significant experience in web based application development, database-driven systems, mobile application development, cloud services,big data and outsourcing services with a quick turn around time in an economical manner.

Our rich experienced Mobile Application Development Experts will synchronize with you, identify your requirements, contribute their ideas, come up with your best appropriate needs and get the Mobile Application ready for you. Which fulfill the requirements of the customers and make the applications easy on their view.

We work with our customer’s right from the requirement definition stage to delivery stage effectively to deliver the best product. We offer a wide range of testing services across the entire Software Development Life Cycle. Our top priority is customer success as it directly reflects our success. Our trained customer care personnel are always on standby to provide immediate backup to your support requests.



Software Services

We analyze and filter the obstacles which are related to Software applications, ERP solutions, from placing an order, tracking and shipping/returns in the various products.

Lab Assistance

In Lab's we create Virtual Machines (VM's) and Virtual hard disk's (VHD's) in class room and hosted in the cloud for testing on both Class room and the hosted online environments in labs testing .

Content Services

We test and verify the video testing and content testing for various products to maintain and deliver the quality of the product ultimately generates an efficient barrier between Customers and clients.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application testing is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. To ensure the quality which ultimately produce the efficient applications for our Customers and clients.

big data

Big data is a collection of large datasets, it cannot be processed using traditional computing techniques. Testing of these datasets involves various tools, techniques and frameworks to process and relates to data creation, storage, retrieval & analysis that is remarkable in terms of volume, variety, and velocity.

Cloud services

Cloud Testing is the solution to all these problems. Effective unlimited storage, quick availability of the infrastructure with scalability, flexibility and availability of distributed testing environment reduce the execution time of testing of large applications and lead to cost-effective solutions.



Application Development

We develop the various applications on mobile platforms like android and windows having efficient end-to-end connectivity and delivering successful products in the market.

Web Development

We develop the websites with effective look-in appearance and responsive fit to any environment which leads to the ultimate user-friendly connection between them.

Custom Software development

We specializes in developing scalable software applications and automation software. We develop applications which automates everyday workflow of a company and makes life easier.


Sales Management


Sales Performance Management

We deliver a comprehensive sales performance management solution for analyzing sales performance and driving sales effectiveness.


24 X 7 services

Technical Support

Enfec 24x7 Support is provided to cater to your global deployment of your products issues.Talking and monitoring health of your systems and product issues and analyzing the upcoming issues in big data and providing the Azure support helps you whenever if your site experiences downtime.